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Uhlenbruch Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwalt

We are a law firm specialised in labour law. We offer advice on all matters related to labour law and support you in asserting your rights in and out of court.

Out of conviction we only advise and represent employees and works councils. We work closely with trade unions.

Our services for employees

Our services include advice and representation in all areas and topics of labour law. These include:

  • Dismissal and redundancy
  • Cancellation agreements
  • Transfers to a different job
  • Oral and written warnings
  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Rights of people with disabilities
  • Remuneration
  • Harassment at work
  • Leave and parental leave
  • Testaments of employment
Our services for works councils

We support works councils and staff councils in developing strategies and enforcing their information rights, their co-determination rights and their other participation rights vis-à-vis the employer. These include:

  • Working time (e.g. flexitime, shift schedules, overtime, short-time work)
  • Operational changes (e.g. restructuring/reorganisation, site closures, relocation)
  • Introduction and use of IT systems (e.g. electronic time recording, Microsoft 365)
  • Health and safety (e.g. operational integration management and risk assessment)
  • Remote work and desk sharing
  • Leave/annual holiday (e.g. general principles for leave arrangements)
  • Remuneration issues (e.g. Remuneration system, bonus)